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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries.


  2005.01.02  14.02

Gundams Destroyed, Hope for Peace

After all the uproar, there is finally hope for peace at last. The Gundams (not to mention the Zero system, which was destroyed in what we all hope will be the last major battle) were destroyed.

Many were the witnesses of the public destroying of not only the Gundam 02, but 03 and 04as well. Of course, the Gundam ZERO was damaged until there was no hope of ever being repaired again.

The fifth Gundam, 05, was destroyed in a place beyond our knowing, but it is safe to say that the Gundams were all destroyed.

This brings tremendous hope for the future of the colonies and Earth, a good sign of the years to come. This year, everyone will be able to enjoy the before now unattainable fruits of peace.


  2005.01.01  14.17

The War Ends Thanks To Gundams And Preventor Forces


This week troops of mobile suits rained down on Earth, bringing with them fear and destruction. They soldiers form Colony L-3X8999 stormed the mansion of the President and barricaded themselves in. All hope seemed lost, but then two suits began to fight against them, and were quickly joined with three more. Up in the sky a fourth suit could be seen and the crowd gathered around the fifth to exclaim their distaste for war. With the help of two Preventors, the Gundams have once again saved us all.  


Amazingly these pilots fought for hours and didn't kill any of MarieMaia's soldiers. Eventually their ammunition wore out and it seemed the battle was quickly coming to an end when another Gundam appeared in the sky and assaulted MarieMaia herself, but shooting through the amour of the President's estate. The Gundam was destroyed beyond repair but it's rumored the pilot survived.


            The Gundams fighting along side the two Preventors suits, where supported by a large crowd and Gundam 05 (using the codes that the belated Oz assigned to the Gundams) that had gathered at the battle zone to insist that the MarieMaia soldiers cast aside their weapons and stop fighting. Cries of peace rang through the air.


            After the battle was over and the soldiers had too look over the mess they had created the Gundams disappeared once again into the night and together the citizens of Earth and the troops that came with MarieMaia's plans created a huge fire to burn the weapons left.


            MaireMaia's grandfather, Dekim Barton, who has believed to have been the mastermind behind this whole ordeal, was shot and killed. MarieMaia must now begin a long struggle of her own as she must recover from the events that have unfolded. Preventor Leader Lady Une has come forward to ask for custody of the child.


            Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlin, who broke through during the short-lived war long enough to rally people to stand up for peace, was found in the mansion with a limited amount of injuries. She will be returning to work shortly.


            As the word recovers form even more violence, many are forced to wonder what became of the Gundams, the true heroes of our time.  




  2004.12.25  18.35

War Declared!





A declaration of war has been made against the UESA! The person making this declaration claimed to be MarieMaia Khushenada, the daughter of Trieze himself! Whether this claim is true or not is another matter entirely. She declared that her colony, L-3X18999 was independent from the newly formed and completely unified UESA.


Horrified people watched as she delivered this speech:


"We, at Colony L-3X18999 hereby wish to announce our independence from the Earth Sphere Unified Nation and declare war! I am a legitimate heir of the World Nation Sovereign. My name is MarieMaia Khushenada daughter of Trieze Khushenada. I'm carrying out my father's will. It's in human nature to fight!"


Vice Foreign Minster Relena Darlin has also not been seen or heard from since she left to visit Colony L-3X18999. Many fear the worst.


War is upon us once more, and all the people can do is wait for the battles to begin. Since Earth and Space have tossed aside our weapons there is little hope that we will fully be able to defend ourselves.


The President has not come forth with any comments on the matter, nor has the Preventors. It's times like this that make many wonder if there is any hope for us at all.    


  2004.12.08  08.57

Vice Foreign Minister Darlin Announces Disarmament Project


Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlin held a press conference in which she announced a detailed plan for complete disarmament of Earth and Space. There was been a steady pace towards disarmament, but never before has a detailed plan been laid before the public's eye. Vice Foreign Minister Darlin's plan also details a rehabilitation program for soldiers still suffering from memories of the war.


"It is time for all of us to cast aside the weapons and the mind set that created the need for them." Vice Foreign Minister Darlin stated after she spoke about the details of the plan. The Vice Foreign Minister had reportedly been working on this plan since very shortly after the war ended.


The plan has started generating a lot of support. Some of the major names that are behind the support include the President, the Winner Foundation, and the Preventors. "The Vice Foreign Minister knows exactly what she is talking about," the President is quoted to have said, "I completely agree with the plan she has created. I hope and pray that others will as well."


Rumors have started circulating that Vice Foreign Minister Darlin has backing even from groups not in the spotlight at the moment. It is well known that the Vice Foreign Minister has had strong relations with the pilots of the mobile suits that had a prominent role in the war, namely the Gundams. It had been speculated that even the pilots of the Gundams have plotted with the Vice Foreign Minister to destroy their suits. When asked if she could deny or support these claims, Lady Une, leader of the Preventor units, merely laughed a moment and commented "I think that it might take very little persuasion from Miss Relena to make the Gundam pilots go along with her plan." Vice Foreign Minister Darlin declined to comment when asked about this.


            The plan has also come under fire. Many claim it would be a drain on recourses and the economy to take such drastic measures. Vice Foreign Minister Darlin insists that the plan also states its own monetary backing, she claims that if applied in it's full and complete form it will in fact help boost the economy that is still recovering from the war. Critics also say it may lead to unfair treatment of ex-soldiers. When reporters pointed this out the Vice Foreign Minister stated that the plan only applied to soldiers that were seeking help. "It is important that those who are having a hard time adjusting to the peace have somewhere to go," she said.

Many believe this is her answer to the brutal attack on the delegate meeting not to long ago. Winner Foundation leader, Quatre Winner, who is believed to have been the target of that attack firmly supports this new and radical plan, claiming that it "is exactly what humanity needs."


            "We can no longer afford to have weapons in on Earth or Space," Vice Foreign Minister Darlin stated vehemently, "The time has come to destroy them and work to rebuild the lives of those affected most by the war."


            Copies of the complete Disarmament Project are being shipped to every main government office on Earth, the Colonies and the Moon. It shall be available for any civilian who wishes to read it. A meeting is being planned for after the start of the New Year to vote on the matter. "This will give the public's elected officials to think about over Christmas," Preventor Leader Lady Une remarked shortly after those plans were laid out.


            It is believed that the Vice Foreign Minister will have little trouble passing this plan.  


  2004.11.27  13.18

Relena Darlin And Quatre Winner Alive And Safe!


            Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlin was returned safely to the colony she had been visiting before her kidnapping earlier today. She was escorted by none other than Quatre Winner, the young leader of the Winner Foundation that was believed to be killed in the bombing that resulted in the death of many of Earth's delegates and colony representatives.  


            Mr. Winner answered many press questions when he reappeared stating that he had faith in the Preventors to find the group responsible for the bombing. He also expressed his regrets to the families of those who were killed. "I am deeply regretful that so many had to suffer because of this tragedy. My heart and my support are extended to all of those who were affected by this."  


            Mr. Winner will be returning to take his place in his company. "There is so much work to be done," he stated. "I will still be working tirelessly for a truly unified and war free nation."


            As for the Vice Foreign Minister, she declined to say anything about her whereabouts for the past week, but she passionately spoke out against the violent acts. "These actions cannot be allowed if we plan on living in a peaceful existence. This has proven all the more the need for radical plans to end the fighting and to begin our path for peace," she said.


            Neither of young leaders were willing to discuss what happened this week, but both seemed all the more determined and ready to go to work.  


  2004.11.20  16.16

Quatre R. Winner Killed in Explosion! Relena Darlin Kidnapped



Today the conference that was being attended by several delegates was attacked by a violent explosion. It appears unlikely that any of the representative gathered there to attend the colony conference have survived. The key figure who was killed was the young Winner Foundation leader, Quatre Winner. No group has come forward yet to claim responsibility for the attack, and a Preventor unit has been dispatched to investigate.


"Rest assured we shall do everything in out power to make sure those responsible face the consequences of their actions," Lady Une, the Preventor leader, is reported to have said. 


Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlin was kidnapped while during her colonial visit. She and her assigned assistant were attacked while on the way to their meetings for the day.


           Unconfirmed reports have stated that a member of her own security detail appeared in time to rescue her, but no one has stepped forward to speak as to weither this was true or not.


            It is uncertain if she is still alive, or if she is safe at all.


This is truly a sad day in our new era of supposed peace. Many people who before were clinging to our peace now realize that it will not last forever. Citizens now live in a state of fear as they mourn the once promising young leaders.



  2004.11.02  23.05

Young Leaders Have Big Plans



Relena Darlin and Quatre R. Winner


The month of November is going to be a very busy one for the major politicians in this new era. The riots on the colonies have settled down, but a feeling of unrest still hangs over the inhabitants of our time. Many people have turned to the politicians to ease their fears. Familiar names will be busy for quiet some time, the most notable being the young leaders of our time, examples being the ever working Vice Foreign Minister and the young leader of the Winner Foundation who has had little trouble grasping control of his family's business after his father's death.

Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlin will be heading to several colonies all throughout this month to met with their leaders about the unification process and a new proposal she has been reportedly working on for quite a while. She will be attending these meeting with a limited security detail, a decision that surprises many people.

"Miss Relena's security has been really tight lately," an aide commented, "Leaving many to wonder what she's hiding from. Her choice to leave some of her security in the hands of the colonies she will be visiting is a way to prove her trust in colonist's desire for peace." The Vice Foreign Minister will be working with an assigned aide from each colony.

Meanwhile, Quatre Winner will be attending a very important conference with Earth politicians as well as well known colonist delegates. He will be an added voice to the colonists that truly wish for a complete unified humanity.

Mr. Winner has been a very prominent voice for the movement towards unification since the end of the war and is predicated to continue to passionately support the movement until all humans are together under one nation. The Winner family has been under a very watchful stare from many colonists since the father of Quatre Winner was killed while attempting to detach the satellite of the colony the Winner family has its main estate on. Quatre Winner has also been working to repair his family's name, even while being accused for keeping his family's empire at heart, not the needs of the people. A charge he denies very fervently.

Both of these young, prominent leaders have been working to establish true peace for humanity, and have accomplished more than many others even before they are 18. In the era before this peace young leaders were idolized for being excellent soldiers (many can remember that Treize Kushrenada himself lead squadrons before he was 20), in this new era young leaders strive for peace for the future. The tireless efforts of these young leaders is one more sign of the new times.


  2004.09.28  17.26

Meeting On Earth Considered Successful

Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlin spoke passionately during meeting

In light of recent startling events, a meeting on Earth was held to discuss trade issues between Earth and the Space Colonies. The recent riot on an overpopulated colony proved that the laws concerning this issue where not enough.

The President presided over the meeting and opened it with a powerful speech that restated the fact that all of human beings now live in one nation, a “unified Earth and Space”.

Another important figure that appeared at the meeting and struck the meeting with her powerful words was Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlin, formerly Queen Relena, formerly Princess Peacecraft of the Sanq Kingdom, daughter of the late King Peacecraft and adopted daughter of the late Vice Foreign Minister Darlin. “The people living in Space do not need words on a piece of paper,” she said passionately when given the floor, “That piece of paper, that law, will not feed or clothe them. They need action. Our actions can affect their lives for the positive or the negative. It is our responsibility to make sure our effect is positive.”

New trade laws were drafted during the meeting and shall be voted on a later date. Aid is being sent immediately to the suffering colony.

“It’s important that we realize the real issues here and try to cure the real problem instead of just treating the result of the unrest of the people,” the Vice Foreign Minister continued during her powerful speech. “Aggression must be stopped at all costs and violence must be wiped away from the minds of our culture if this era of peace is to survive.”

There was a general agreement with her words, but the rest of the political leaders had varying opinions about the “cure” she stated.

The colony in question has basically returned to life as it was before the riot.


  2004.09.25  19.29

Riot On Colony

Late yesterday night a colony burst into riot after weeks of hostilities concerning trade and supplies from Earth. The overpopulated colony’s disgruntled citizens stormed the supply shuttle and many of the shops late Friday night. The riot lasted until the middle of today. There were several reported injuries but no fatalities. There was a limited amount of property theft and damage.

It is believed that the reason the damage was so minimal was because of the Preventers were stationed on the colony before the rioting began. They calmed the citizen’s down quickly and settled the issue before any one was seriously injured.

“If the Preventers had not been here I don’t want to begin what would have happened,” claimed the colony delegate shortly after the hostilities ended, “They did the job they were created to do by preventing a real tragedy.”

The colonies identification is being held from the presses for the time being.

“The citizen’s here feel as if they were not receiving enough supplies to survive,” Lady Une, the appointed leader of the Preventers, is reported saying, “They were unhappy with the current trade between itself and Earth.”

A meeting is being scheduled for early Monday to discuss policies that could stop this from happening on other colonies.


  2004.07.30  18.15


Lady Une Named Leader Of “Preventers”

Lady Une

During a conference held on Earth earlier today Lady Une, a former member of Oz’s Specials, was named the leader of the new Preventer Forces. The Preventers is a small group formed to help dissolve international disputes that have the chance of causing war. It’s creation was one direction that new President plans to take to sure that this peace lasts forever.

The President’s opening speech for the conference included a summary of Lady Une’s pervious aids for peace (including acting as a liaison between Earth and the colonies and broadcasting footage of a mobile suit battle during the war) as well as a ‘mission statement’ for the new force. “The creation of the Preventers is just one step in the drive I know each of us has to ensure the continuation of this peace. Many people have died for this Era, the Preventers will help to support and defend that peace.”

Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlin, formerly Queen Relena, formerly Princess Peacecraft of the Sanq Kingdom, daughter of the late King Peacecraft and adopted daughter of the late Vice Foreign Minister Darlin, expressed her support for the President and the Preventers, as well as her opinion that Lady Une is qualified for the job.

Many people, however, remember the rumors that Lady Une attempted several rather violent attacks; many of these attacks are also rumored to have been thwarted by the Gundam pilots.

When asked what she thought of these rumors Vice Foreign Minister Darlin responded, “Every one has grown since the start of the war, Lady Une is no exception.” The President also had this to add, “Lady Une loves this era, just as much as any other human being. I have full faith in the ability of each of the Preventers to do their jobs well.”

Some at the conference were a little skeptical that such a small force could be of any use against any real violence, “I fully believe in the power of a small group with strong ideals and powerful hearts,” responded Lady Une with a smile.

The Preventers plan on basing their operations in the Capital and will begin their work as soon as possible.

Other important points discussed during the conference included a new economic plan to give aid to areas still suffering from the wake of the war.